Absolute Manage for Mobile Devices allows you to remotely manage and secure the mobile devices in your deployment. Absolute Manage includes support for employee-owned devices and a web-based user interface so that IT can perform select administrative and security tasks working remotely or on the go.

Absolute Manage for Mobile Devices is available as a stand-alone product or as a component of our computer lifecycle management solution: Absolute Manage.



Track and locate unauthorized apps. Block noncompliant devices from accessing the network. Control how and when users access sensitive corporate data.


Efficiently manage all of your in-house custom apps. Automate time-consuming configuration and profile work. Notify administrators with automated commands and remediate devices based on predefined conditions.


Enjoy ease of use and full cross-platform capabilities using a single console to manage PC, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android devices.


Absolute Manage Application Management Icon

Mobile Application Management

With Absolute Manage, policy management is not about policies but instead how they are applied. For example a device can be part of a blanket security policy that applies to all devices, an app distribution policy that applies to one department, and a blacklist policy that applies only to company-owned devices. Absolute Manage policies are dynamic and can be reassigned whenever the applicable criteria changes on the device. This approach allows IT to manage dozens of policies versus thousands of devices. Some capabilities include:

  • Track and manage installed and in-house apps
  • Build device records using custom data fields
  • Single-click download/install process for users
  • Silently install/remove apps using management APIs
  • Easily track Apple App Store Volume Purchase program(ASVPP) redemption codes
Absolute Manage Security, Change and Configuration Management Icon

Security, Change & Configuration Management

Set longer, more complex passwords for enterprise level security. Lock a device, clear a password, and wipe a device clean to factory settings. Manage and deploy profiles to configure email, restrict apps, set up VPN, disable the camera, and deploy web clips. Use policy-locked configuration profiles to block non-compliant devices (jailbroken, blacklisted apps installed) from accessing company email and networks. Schedule policies so users have a defined window of time to access secured documents and corporate networks. Send customized messages and communicate with the end user wirelessly.

User authentication: Unlike device certificates, Absolute Manage generates unique certificates per user for Exchange email access. So instead of relying upon standard passwords, user authentication can be done seamlessly using certificates. This provides the organization with a much higher degree of security, an improved end user experience, and a significant reduction in password related security and help desk incidents.

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Mobile Content Management

Apply strict security controls for the sharing of files and media. Distribute sensitive or confidential files to devices without using email. Restrict content from being emailed, printed, or moved outside of the AbsoluteSafe repository. All content is managed with the same types of automated and dynamic policies used for configuration and provisioning. This includes scheduling the availability of content on a device so that it can be automatically deleted based on date and time (down to the minute) regardless if the device is on or off the network. Mobile content management includes integration with the corporate SharePoint infrastructure to locate and assign content to the AbsoluteSafe repository.

Absolute Manage Asset Inventory Icon

Asset Inventory

Gather hardware and software data points for analysis. Display data such as device serial numbers, MAC addresses, installed apps, telephone numbers, and other data with custom views, searches, and reports. Integrate your mobile device data with third party applications such as Microsoft SCCM.

Absolute Manage BYOD Icon


Use the automated employee enrollment process to onboard employees and their personally owned devices, eliminating the manual IT work associated with BYOD programs. Record employee opt-in and direct a copy of each confirmation to Human Resources. Automatically assign BYOD-specific policies to ensure these devices only access corporate networks and data if they are compliant.

Absolute Manage Apps

With Absolute Manage Apps you can:

  • Securely host, remotely deploy, and distribute in-house apps to end users
  • Provide users with a list of recommended apps (Apple or Android) for easy selection
  • Set up optional configuration profiles can be listed for on-demand installation
  • Track devices on your iPad
  • Access and select administrative & security functions from your iPad
  • Distribute files without email
  • Designate access to media and files by policy and/or schedule
  • Delete files from a device as the discretion of IT and control sharing options