WiFi Internet Access

WiFi  Internet Access

Datacapital Technologies and ISP Pty Ltd Internet Services and InfoSec technologies envision and is in partnership with MTN Cellular Network currently installing and establishing Wifi Internet Access in collaboration with many selected property owners, administrators, body corporate of various  Johannesburg and Pretoria inner city buildings, residential complexes, schools and communities around Gauteng and with intention to overlap to other South African provinces.

Datacapital Technologies and  ISP Pty Ltd employed trained network Engineers who have undergone training provided by MTN Cellular Network, and we are in partnership with and powered by MTN. MTN is a leader in provision of Internet Services and Cellular Network Services. You will be pleased to know that MTN has made Internet data ( both mobile and Wifi )available to us to resell and provide to end users, building complexes, flats, schools and especially tertiary  students  at a very affordable amount.

Interested Business Organizations, Property Body Corporate, Property Administrators and Developers requiring Wifi solution for their building(s),  complexes , B&B , Motels, Hotel can contact us for advice and connectivity via super fast MTN provided Fiber , DSL , and cellular network.

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Upto 2Mbps ADSL Line Plus 10GB Data

Upto 2Mbps ADSL Line Plus 10GB Data

Are you new to DSL? To get started, you'll need the following:A Telkomphone line.A DSL Line.Choose y..

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