Number Porting

Number Porting

Porting allows you the freedom to change from your current service provider to a more cost effective Datacapital ISP VoIP Solution without the inconvenience of changing your number. Being one of the first operators to offer geographic number porting Datacapital ISP  has perfected the process; it’s quick, easy and non disruptive.

Benefits of Porting to Datacapital ISP:

  • Datacapital ISP local, national, mobile and International call rates.
  • One Fixed Line Service provider
  • Month to Month Contract
  • Easy to understand billing
  • Access to the Client Zone which allows you to view your itemised billing, invoices and statements, set call forwarding and much more
  • Fast turnaround times on applications, queries and support
  • Retain your ADSL Line if needed
  • Fast Remote Support
  • Ported numbers can be linked to a range of  Datacapital ISP VoIP Services



  • A Datacapital ISP  VoIP Service / Account
  • A reliable Broadband internet connection

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